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Programme Aims

The objective of LPCMC is to be the world’s leading specialist institution, delivering the highest quality of professional and academic programmes in credit management and corporate financial management. Our programmes seek to:


  • Provide graduates with the knowledge and skills appropriate for a career in the high demand area of credit administration, financial management and other related areas.


  • Equip students with the relevant skill sets needed to succeed in the competitive world of credit and financial management.


  • Inspire and motivate students to be analytical and innovative in the management and administration of credit and financial management.


  • Develop the capacity to analyse complex problems and present informed conclusions based on evidence.


  • Students are equipped with international best practices necessary to lead in credit management and join the Credit Industry Elites.


  • Our programmes offer industry-relevant training and certified professional qualification programmes in credit and financial management and corporate financial management to a broad range of global credit management workforce, helping to foster leadership and efficient credit administration

Students are provided a broad, analytical and highly integrated study of credit and
financial management.

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