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Why study with us?

London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) is an institution that exists to advance the knowledge and awarding of qualifications in credit and financial management by providing exceptional education tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses and society. The focus of LPCMC is on lifelong learning as well as equipping individuals with the relevant skills and qualifications in the areas of credit and financial management that are needed to succeed in the 21st Century’s highly competitive business environment.

Our commitment is to provide leadership on credit and financial management that is accessible to everyone that works in any sector of the economy including engineering, construction, financial services, non-financial organizations, etc. We train students to fit into any spectrum of credit management and financial administration in all sectors of the economy. This makes LPCMC super unique from  other institutes for credit management and administrations in other countries of the world that are increasingly focusing on the financial services and trade sector alone.


LPCMC combines professional qualifications with academic rigour to deliver high-class certifications that helps our students and alumni to keep ahead of the CURVE in the world of credit and financial management. For all credit and finance professionals, LPCMC programs indicate the ultimate commitment to students’ best iinterest and the success of businesses that employ them. At all levels of credit and financial management competence certification, LPCMC is the place to go.

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