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Certified Credit & Financial Analyst (CCFA)

Admission is now open

Program Duration: 18 Months 

Divided into 3 Levels

Learning Format: 100% Online

With Tutor Support


About the CCFA


The Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) Designation is a professional designation that demonstrates mastery in the fields of

  • Credit Administration and Management

  • Credit Modelling and Analysis

  • Corporate Financial Analysis and Modelling


The programme combines professional qualifications with academic rigour to deliver world-class education that helps our students and alumni to keep ahead of the curve in the world of credit administration and financial management.

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College’s CCFA programme targets finance and non-finance professionals who want to bridge the skill-gap between formal education and hands-on knowledge in the areas of credit management and corporate financial analysis.

The Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) programme is designed to give students a competitive edge, equip them with advanced knowledge and boost their confidence in credit and financial analysis roles.

The Curriculum

Our rigorous curriculum prepares students to become very effective and efficient in credit and financial analysis. The curriculum is designed by elite instructors with over 10-years of industry and academic experience in credit and financial analysis. The CCFA programme curriculum and the examinations are offered in English only. The curriculum is organized into three levels.


The curriculum is built from the LPCMC’s Body of Knowledge, taking students deep into credit and financial analysis covering these key areas:

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

  • Principles of Macro-Economics

  • The Legal Environment and Business Law

  • Credit Administration and Management

  • Credit Risk Modelling and Valuation Using Data Analytics

  • Managing Credit Risk Using Derivative Contracts

  • Corporate Financial Analysis and Modelling 

  • Corporate Business Valuation and Analysis

  • Financial Modelling in Excel


Learning Path


















Assessment and Certification Award

To earn the CCFA designation of excellence and distinction, candidates must sit and pass all the three examination levels.


  • Level I Exam: September or October

  • Level II Exam: March or April

  • Level III Exam: September or October


A range of assessment methods are used which are designed to provide the knowledge and understanding required of the aims of the programme and to develop the array of intellectual, professional and transferable skills demanded of the programme. As such, a balance of written, and problem-based assessments have been created to ensure academic rigour in relation to knowledge and intellectual ability as well as the development   of   professional   and   transferable   skills.    These include

  1. Online Multiple Choice Questions

  2. Simulated Case studies

  3. Financial Models Designs


Candidates are provided with information relating to assessments, through regulations, course handbooks and assignment briefs, in a clear, accurate and timely manner. Assignment briefs are designed to incorporate information on grading criteria and expectations associated with specific assignments.

Enrolment Requirement 

Undergraduate education: A bachelor's (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program.


Work experience: Four years of professional work experience (does not have to be credit or finance related)

Admission Details 

Application Process

The application process consists of three simple steps. An offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates and accepted by the candidates by paying the admission fee.


Programme Fee


Enrolment fee - £850

Examination/certification fee - £1,500

To request more information, contact us


Learning Focus: General Knowledge and Comprehension

Topic Focus: Corporate Finance, Economics and Law


Learning Focus: Practical Application and Analysis

Topic Focus: Credit Assessment, Measurement and Management


Learning Focus: Practical Application and Analysis

Topic Focus: Corporate Financial Analysis and Modelling

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Application Review

Our admission team will shortlist candidates based on their application


Selected candidates can begin the program on the scheduled start date

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