Certified Credit & Financial Analyst (CCFA)


About the CCFA


The Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) Designation is a professional designation that demonstrates mastery in the fields of

  • Credit Administration and Management

  • Credit Modelling and Analysis

  • Corporate Financial Analysis and Modelling


The programme combines professional qualifications with academic rigour to deliver world-class education that helps our students and alumni to keep ahead of the curve
in the world of credit administration and financial management.

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College’s CCFA programme targets finance and non-finance professionals who want to bridge the skill-gap between
formal education and hands-on knowledge in the areas of credit management and corporate financial analysis.

The Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) programme is designed to give students a competitive edge, equip them with advanced knowledge and boost their confidence in credit and financial analysis roles.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is built from the LPCMC’s Body of Knowledge, taking students deep into trade credit, corporate business strategy, and credit analysis covering these 9 key areas:

  • Ethical and Professional Standards

  • Principles of Macro-Economics

  • The Legal Environment and Business Law

  • Data Analytics in Credit and Financial Management

  • Credit Assessment, Measurement and Management

  • Fundamentals of Financial Analysis

  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

  • Financial Modelling in Excel

  • Corporate Business Valuation and Analysis


 Certified Credit & Financial Analyst (CCFA)

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