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Join Global Elites in

Credit Management        

Humanity now lives in the world that has become ONE global village, giving opportunities to anyone who wishes to belong to more than ONE professional certification awarding body.

Holding a professional and/or specialist certification qualification of a local Institute is good, but best if holding similar qualification of an accredited professional qualification awarding body in another country.

At London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK, we offer eminent professional certifications in credit management, on the basis of collaborative partnership with credit management Institutes in other countries, anchored on shared credit management academic curriculum.

Anyone in credit industry, who has completed a rigorous learning programme with a credible local credit management Institute established by law of that country can submit details to earn LPCMC’s own accredited, globally regarded specialist qualifications in credit management; such as:

  • Certified Credit and Financial Examiner (CCFE) – top level

  • Certified Credit and Financial Analyst (CCFA) – supervisory level

  • Foundation Certificate in Credit Analysis (FCCA) – entry level

If you are interested in any of these qualifications, taking advantage of our professional collaborative partnership with your own local credit management Institute, please send an indication of interest to this email:

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