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LPCMC Advisory Board

Terry Parish.jpg

Professor Terry Parrish, President


Professor W. T. Parrish was the head of Academics and Senior Lecturer at UK Education Academy (UKAE) and other institutions and organizations in the UK after taking an early retirement as head of a college and an examiner in the UK. He was awarded a professorship by an India University based in New Delhi. He has over 30 years of experience in education, and vocational skills-based training. He has directed and managed wide range of educational and business establishments with emphasis on skills. Professor Walter has specialised in the education sector globally and has travelled extensively to Africa, Middle East and India in establishing programmes and institutions successfully. Walter also continues to work for International awarding Bodies in monitoring quality of educational delivery, Teacher Training and assessing training programmes.

Chris Onalo.png

Professor Chris Onalo, Member & Africa Representative

Prof. Chris Onalo is a man of extreme integrity, one of the most respected knowledge leaders and contributors to the development of credit management, a founding CEO of many credit industry institutions, namely, the Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM), Registrar/CEO, Institute of Credit Administration (ICA). Prof. Chris Onalo has incredibly set himself apart from others through sheer hard and honest work; undoubtedly contributed immensely and perhaps more than anyone else to the growth and development of credit management profession globally. Chris Onalo has received professorial recognition for his relentless and sustained effort in the development of world class credit management curriculum, intellectualization of credit management as well as globalization of the growth of credit management profession.

Shirley Mawer.png

Shirley Mawer, Member

Shirley A Mawer is an accomplished management and leadership expert as well as being a skilled expressive arts psychotherapist. Across these roles, Shirley endeavors to empower and enable others to access their potential.

Personal and professional aspirations include facilitating respect and appreciation-based relationships in and beyond the work place, to empower, and encourage everyone that she meets through positive, respectful, empowering, value creating and supportive interactions, and to bring about individual and collective well-being, growth and development.

Shirley’s visionary perspective is underpinned by the concept that every person has inherent potential, and is valuable and resourceful and can make a meaningful positive contribution to their wider community

Chioma Nwafor.jpg


Dr. Chioma Nwafor, Member

Chioma has many years of industry experience in the Investment Banking and Capital Market before undertaking a PhD in Financial Economics at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. She has many experiences in training central bankers, investment and commercial bankers on Financial Stability, Financial Risk Management and Macro-Economic Modelling and Forecasting. Her core areas of competence include Monetary Economics and Econometrics, Financial Economics, Financial Data Analysis, Equity Analysis, Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Services as well as Applied Financial Risk Management in both financial and non-financial institutions.

She has very strong skills in Quantitative Techniques using Eviews, Gretl, JMulti, Mathlab, STATA and SPSS. She is the author of Financial Modelling and Applied Risk Management textbook and co-author of Consolidated Supervision of Banks and Financial Conglomerates: A handbook for Financial Regulators and Supervisors. Chioma has published in highly reputable scholarly journals. She is currently a lecturer in the department of Law, Economics, Accountancy and Risk at the Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University as well as head of Financial Policy directorate at the Centre for Economic Data Analysis and Financial Research; CEDAF Scotland, United Kingdom.

Danette Gayle.jpg

Danette Gayle, Member


Danette Gayle is an ambitious highly self-motivated individual with a strong sense of responsibility.  She is an excellent team player while being quite proficient at working on her own initiative. She seeks out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition and strives for quality in everything she does. She embraces change with enthusiasm, as she believes that change is an integral part of growth and development.  Result-driven individual who takes an honest and practical approach to situations while seeking to achieve the highest level of performance. She possesses very strong leadership skills which has enabled her to get the best results from her colleagues. 

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