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LPCMC’s Esteemed Partnership with Institutions in Nigeria

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) is in strategic partnership with Nigeria’s Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM), and the National Institute of Credit Administration (NICA) to support credit and financial management education of young university graduates and credit and financial executives/professionals seeking to develop superior careers in credit and financial management which sets them apart from others.

This is an agenda being pursued by all our affiliates not only the continent of Africa, but other Asian, Caribbean and European countries as they seek to diversify, liberalise and balance their economies away from cash-based transaction enterprises.

With our partners PSCFM and NICA, LPCMC will continue to develop robust learning programmes that will help the advancement of credit and financial management, thus making meaningful contributions to the delivery of economic and social policy goals in Nigeria and the African continent at large.


As a recognized and registered institution awarding world-class qualification in credit management and corporate financial administration, LPCMC’s vision is to provide an avenue for sound skills and knowledge acquisition that is unrivalled, meeting the current needs of the global credit industry.

We aim to be the world’s leading and super unique specialist institution, delivering the highest quality of professional and academic programmes in this field.  LPCMC will prepare students who have already graduated from different universities to succeed in the highly competitive world of credit and financial analysis, credit administration, credit management, and credit risk modelling and assessment as well as receivable management – all of the functions which are common in all industries of any nation economy.

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