Effective credit management has become vital for the functioning of modern economy. Credit is the oil on the wheel of trade and industry which helps in the economic prosperity of a country. The control of credit flow in other word credit management and its distribution helps to circulate and create wealth, giving rise to product and service demands which constitutes a significant proportion of any country’s gross domestic product.

In the light of constant changes which the world economy and financial system experience, it is undisputedly clear that credit management can no longer be treated as a “borrowed management function”; it’s a mistake to think so! Credit management is a specialized field with fully taught courses. The work involved in credit management is best carried out by those who studied credit management exhaustively. The credit industry hails them as “Credit Professionals”. Anyone therefore who is involved in the task of credit functions in corporate organization whose knowledge and background is devoid of credit management should as a matter of expediency enroll for a study programme in credit management at LPCMC.

Corporate institutions all over the world are enlarging and consolidating their credit processes, to compete within their respective industries as their economies grow and expand. The need for enhanced credit quality has therefore become more crucial for the success of any institution or government.

For today’s credit management to be effective, and credit labour market to be adequately supplied with credit professionals, the London Postgraduate Credit Management College has assumed the responsibility of supplying quality, sound and certified credit management personnel for the world’s credit industry.

The role of LPCMC is therefore germane at this stage of global demand for certified credit professionals as well as skills development with its tailored credit management courses. The LPCMC in a proactive collaboration with other education institutions are expected to play catalytic role to move the world’s credit management knowledge forward. This is in addition to inculcating ethical conduct among its students; draw up knowledge standards and award certified professional qualifications based on those standards.

Finally, the concomitant global stature and influence of LPCMC is a strong proof that credit management is a credible, lucrative and budding career, a system of economy on which the lives of people in all continents of the world depends.