Professional Credit Management
opportunities for ceos

Opportunity now exist for top level corporate executives who may be interested in pursuing Ph.D programme in Credit Management through a flexible work-and-learn study plan set up by a London based university and supported by LPCMC.

Our professional credit management programmes target working class professionals and business directors who in addition to their existing chain of qualifications and job experiences desire to cap their academic and professional achievements with Masters degree or Ph.D in credit management.

To enroll for this course-work  based programme are corporate CEOs, EDs, GMs, DGMs, AGMs and other middle class managers or professionals.

As an executive work-and-Learn programme, you study at your own pace using specially prepared study material incorporating coursework assignment; tutors are assigned to moderate your study progression. You can contact your Tutor by phone or by letter or in most cases by email to get help. All our Tutors are suitably qualified and have considerable experience in moderating a work-and-Learn executive programme without a student having to attend lecture class.

For details please send your current resume to:

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