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The London Postgraduate Credit Management College is UK’s most globally revered independent credit management educational institution, providing first class and internationally inclusive professional credit management courses in Credit Management. Its students are drawn from developing, underdeveloped and developed countries, whose career interest is in Credit Management.

LPCMC runs three distinctive credit management specialist programmes: The new programme titles were chosen to reflect the critical human capital needs of the credit industry all over the world.

Certified Postgraduate Credit Supervisor (CPCS)

Duration: 6 months

  1. Business Communication
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Quantitative Techniques
  4. Financial Management I
  5. Credit Management I
  6. Business Accounting I
  7. Credit and Financial Analysis I
  8. Business Economics
  1. Credit Management II
  2. Introduction to Consumer Credit
  3. Credit and Financial Analysis II
  4. Financial Management II
  5. Law Relating to Credit Management
  6. Business Accounting II
  7. Credit and Marketing
  8. Introduction to Ethics
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Certified Postgraduate Credit Manager (CPCM)

Duration: 6 months

  1. Consumer Credit Management
  2. Credit Risk Measurement
  3. Strategic Credit Management I
  4. Organizing and Managing Credit Department
  5. Management & Corporate Strategy
  6. Legal Environment of Credit
  1. Strategic Credit Management II
  2. Credit Insurance Management
  3. Export Credit Management
  4. Advance Credit Information Management
  5. Advanced Credit and Financial Analysis
  6. Advanced Corporate Lending
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Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE)

Duration: 6 months

  1. Managerial Credit Risk Analysis
  2. Dynamics of Corporate Credit Policy
  3. Advanced Trade Credit Management
  4. Financial Reporting & Analysis
  5. Debt recovery Administration
  1. Advanced International Credit
  2. Credit guarantee Scheme for SMES
  3. Credit Negotiation
  4. Corporate Credit Analysis
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This is the world’s most recognized qualification, industry-wide accepted professional management courses.
LPCMC Learning Progression:
CPCS is basically designed as entry level for new entrant or trainee in credit work wishing to take up career in credit management. A student at this level must complete the CPCS program to progress to (CPCM). CPCE is the ultimate professional certification. Each of these programmes has link with the typical university’s academic standards.

LPCMC’s CPCS, CPCM and CPCE programmes are structured using

university’s academic bench-mark and standards

with equivalent resources.

It’s the world best and relevant to market needs as a requisite qualification for credit control work at entry, supervisory and managerial levels.

LPCMC Affiliation with University:
The Objective

To further create academic opportunity and  global influence for the students of London Postgraduate Credit Management College, transferring academic credits of its students to the university with whom LPCMC collaborates for authentication and issuance of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctorate (Ph.D) degrees and transcripts as the case may be in credit management.

LPCMC’s Affiliation Deal with University for Credit Management Academic

LPCMC’s interest in a collaborative engagement with a university is that, the university accepts credits of the LPCMC’s CPCE, CPCM and CPCS students in credit management issued by the LPCMC for conversion to and issuance of Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, and Doctorate (Ph.D) degrees as the case maybe together with academic transcripts in credit management.

LPCMC Can Make You Stand Out Of The Crowd:

LPCMC’s collaborative portfolio of Specialist degrees in credit management which it facilitates with university are highly sought after credit management specialist qualification that give student competitive edge in today’s global credit management market place.
At LPCMC we offer highly recognized and accredited professional credit management courses rightly adjudged by academic authorities to be at the same structural levels with similar programme obtainable in the universities.
Students gain wide spectrum of credit management skills driven by the needs of employers and students alike. The portfolio of degrees in credit management solely managed, supervised and awarded by the LPCMC’s affiliate university is unique both in terms of breadth of the subject coverage and the depth of subject expertise.

In summary, the affiliate university shall issue specialist degree in credit management as stated hereunder to LPCMC’s deserving students who successfully complete any of its equivalent professional qualification programmes:

  • CPCS credit transfer for the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Credit Management,
  • CPCM credit transfer for the award of Masters of Science (M.Sc) degree in Credit Management, and
  • CPCE credit transfer for the award of Doctorate (Ph.D) in Credit Management.