Student Policy

Safeguarding Policy.

Policy Statement
London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students. The College expects all staff and students to undertake this commitment.
Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone.
LPCMC UK’s Safeguarding Students Policy applies to all of our students and in particular vulnerable adults.
The Policy seeks to:
1. Foster a safe environment in which all our students can learn and achieve their study goals.
2. Actively promote the welfare of students.
3. Ensure consistent good practice and compliance with regard to safeguarding

Policy Principles
This policy will promote the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults regardless of age, gender, culture, race, language, sexual identity etc. They all have a right to learn in a safe environment.
All members of staff LPCMC have a responsibility to be aware of procedures to follow should any concerns be brought to them.
Staff will receive appropriate support/training to be able to handle such a situation.

Monitoring Effectiveness
LPCMC ensures that there is a designated lead person to monitor and manage compliance of its policies.
Where an allegation has been made against a member of our staff the College will consider whether there are any matters arising from it that could lead to the improvement of the College’s procedures and/or policies. An assessment would also be done to determine the training needs of staff.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Policy Statement
LPCMC is committed to achieving equality and diversity for all its learners and staff. We welcome, celebrate and value the diversity or our learning community and seek to promote an inclusive learning and working environment where everyone can achieve to their full potential. We have a zero tolerance of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

College Commitment to Equality and Diversity
LPCMC endeavour to treat all learners and staff with respect and will not tolerate anything different from student and staff. The College will not tolerate any form of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimization and will take very robust actions against anyone who violates this policy.

Student Code of Conduct
LPCMC expect learners, staff and tutors to show respect for each other at all times. The Student Code of Conduct is therefore designed to reflect theses values.
As a student we expect you:
• to show respect to fellow students and staffs observing the Equality and Disability policies which is against bullying, discrimination or harassment of others.
• to treat College property with care and to respect other peoples property.
• to make sure you understand the College’s Health & Safety regulations.
• to follow instructions for completing and submitting coursework assignments and sitting exams. Cheating, copying or plagiarizing will not be tolerated and can result in serious consequences.

By indicating that you have read and understood the above Code of Conduct and that relevant information will be passed on to third parties if appropriate. Failing to follow the Code of Conduct could result in disciplinary action in line with the College Disciplinary Procedures.

Complaints Procedure

The College Compliments, Concerns and Complaints Procedure is for the use of students, tutors, clients and employees.
Informal Resolution of Complaints
If you are a student and you have a concern with your course, you may speak with your lecturer/ personal tutor or course leader or a manager and every effort will be made to resolve your concern.
Formal Stage 1
If you feel your concern has not been adequately dealt with through the informal channel, you may decide to make a formal complaint.
You can do this by completing a complaint form which can be found on the College website. This can then be printed, filled and posted to the College. The College will acknowledge your complaint as soon as it is received and will commission the manager responsible for the area of your complaint to start an investigation. We may need to contact you for further information during this time.
As soon as the investigation is completed you will be notified of the outcome in the form of a written response.
Stage 2
If you are not satisfied with the outcome outlined in the written response received at stage 1, you may contact a more senior officer within 3 working days of receipt of the response to request that your complaint is progressed to stage 2 of the complaints procedure. You must indicate your reasons for your dissatisfaction with the initial outcome.
The senior officer will review your complaint and send you a written response. This will be the close of the procedure.

Compliments Procedure
LPCMC always aspire to the highest standards to satisfy our students, lecturers/tutors, clients and staffs. If you would like to pay us a compliment, you may do so by sending us an email, or a letter and we will ensure that it reaches the right person.

Refunds/Withdrawals Policy

LPCMC maintains strict policy as regards refunds and withdrawals.
• Course fees will only be refunded if a course is cancelled by the College. Please note that if a course is closed prematurely only partial refunds will be given based on the stage at which it is cancelled.
• Exceptional cases which can be verified that prevents a student from taking up a place on a course or complete a course may result in a partial refund.
• Any refund granted will be with the subtraction of any outstanding fees.
• If the College has to close because of any natural disasters then refunds will not be given.
• Application for refund will only be accepted within the academic year for which the course ran, therefore application after this period will not be considered.
• If a student withdraws from a course they are still liable to pay the full course fee.
• If this withdrawal is due to exceptional circumstances the student can apply for his/her outstanding fees to be cancelled off. This has to be proven. This can only be made in the academic year for which the course ran.

Privacy Policy

LPCMC is required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act, 1998.
Information collected by the College will be used fairly, stored safely and will not be disclosed unlawfully to anyone.
• As such data is obtained and processed fairly and lawfully.

• Be obtained for a specific and lawful purpose and shall not be used for anything other than that purpose
• Must be adequate, relevant and not more than the purpose requires.
• Be kept up to date
• Must not be kept longer than is necessary for that purpose
• Must be kept safe from unauthorized access, accidental damage or loss.
Where information or photograph is used for the College websites, written permission must be obtained from the participating parties.