LPCMC Quality Assurance

The LPCMC is UK’s foremost professional education institution dedicated for capacity building in credit management with emphasis on leadership, professional performance and informed understanding of established business credit management principle that puts theory into practice. This means that LPCMC offers one course only – credit management, which is innovatively segmented, for first time in learning history, into three recognizable credit management professional qualifications namely:

Certified Postgraduate Credit Supervisor (CPCS)

Duration: 16 months

Certified Postgraduate Credit Manager (CPCM)

Duration: 18 months

Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE)

Duration: 24 months

These qualifications are requirements for employment of any person to carry out credit control and credit management work at entry, supervisory and managerial levels.
Student have the option of pursuing any of these programmes by being admitted into a full-time, part-time or distance learning methods structured in such a way that provides the highest degree of flexibility. This flexibility reflects LPCMC’s belief that the traditional role of credit managers in the market place will continue to change dramatically. Today’s global credit market therefore requires more knowledge and increased understanding of cultural differences, economic changes and diverse work ethics espoused by credit industries around the world. LPCMC’s learning programmes are essentially designed to prepare student for positions of higher credit management responsibility in workplace worldwide.

  • Resources

    LPCMC's learning resources for its students are appropriate to their needs, knowledge and experience in credit management.

  • Approach

    We ensure that our studies are effective and do not contain errors, misleading or out-of-date information, concepts or approaches.

  • Learning

    Our course materials are developed in study packs designed for a specific and clearly stated level of credit management learning.

  • Structure

    he materials are structured to encourage individual independent study for the development of his or her skills while at the same time continuing his or her office work.

  • Global

    In line with the global policy on specialized learning programmes, student once admitted for the LPCMC programme will not be given the option to defer or postpone his or her studies. If a student chooses to abandon or discontinue the course, any fee or all the fees paid by the student will be completely forfeited.

  • Examination