LPCMC Academic Rules

Admission Policy

Nature of Study: Work and learn with supported study material with tutor assigned, and regular course work assignment.
Study Delivery Method: As an executive work-and-Learn programme, you study at your own pace using specially prepared study material incorporating coursework assignment; tutors are assigned to moderate your study progression. You can contact your Tutor by phone or by letter or in most cases by email to get help. All our Tutors are suitably qualified and have considerable experience in moderating a work-and-Learn executive programme without a student having to attend lecture class.

Mode of Payment: payment of programme fee may be structured around two to four equal instalments or one full payment on receipt of admission letter.

Note: Student is advised to properly preserve all payment receipts as our affiliate or LPCMC reserves the right to demand at anytime evidence of payment of tuition fee or other fees for clearance.

Programme Disaster Management: LPCMC maintains very strict policy that student once admitted for a programme will not be allowed for any reason whatsoever to either abandon, defer, prolong, postpone or discontinue his or her programme. If this happen, any fee or all the fees paid by the student will be completely and automatically forfeited. Even if the student comes back in future to complete the programme, such student will have to start the programme afresh, including payment of all fees regardless of payment made in the past. Serious penalty will be imposed on any student who fail to complete his or her programme as scheduled. However, natural cause and effect may be considered.

Study Tool: The use of Study Pack with inbuilt test questions for mandatory weekly student assignments and attendance of a periodic part-time lecture class (2 Saturdays every month) optional.

Please Note: Student academic work, i.e. course assignment, project work or thesis must be forwarded to LPCMC (londoncredit@lpcredit.co.uk).Hard copy will also be accepted.

Admission remains valid only if student comply with registration requirement within 7 days from the date stated on the admission letter.
Graduation Requirement/Policy

A student is allowed a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of three semesters within which to complete his/her programme.
Submission of tutor-marked assignment (TMA), passing all examinations and completion of students research project are pre-requiste for graduation. Project research carries 100 marks.
A student is said to have obtain pass in any subject, if he/she obtain a grade C. Any students who score less than grade C in a subject will be required to resit the subject.
Total number of credit units required for graduation are:

Units in LPCMC Programme:

  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Supervisor (CPCS) 120 Units
  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Manager (CPCM) 50 Units
  • Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE) 80 Units

Affiliation Agreement with University
LPCMC desires that its affiliation agreement with the accredited university takes the following scope:

Many people who are responsible for the task of credit management in their places of work, who though are qualified in other field of learning but not credit management, and cannot afford to take time away from their jobs, but prefers a Work-and-Learn study programme with little or occasional time to attend weekend classes, are those who constitutes LPCMC’s postgraduate students.
The affiliation agreement between LPCMC and the university shall strictly be on the award of Degrees in Credit Management through credits transfer from LPCMC’s graduating students, vide;

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Credit Management
  • Masters of Science (M.SC), Credit Management
  • Doctorate (Ph.D) in Credit Management

The operational responsibilities on the part of the university are as follows:

  • Issuance of degree certificate
  • Issuance of academic transcripts
  • Issuance of student’s ID, Formal Admission Letter
  • Keeping of student’s academic records
  • Learning programme monitoring, supervision and grading

The operational responsibilities on the part of LPCMC shall be:

  • Learning programme development, delivery and personnel remunerations
  • Academic teaching and records administration
  • Programme running costs
  • Matriculation and graduation
  • Keeping of student’s academic records