International Student Information

Short-term UK Study Visa

Completing your professional credit management qualification require you to come to the UK for the final portion of your course.

If you already have a Standard Visitor Visa and is coming to the UK for another reason you may opt to use the opportunity to complete your course. This should not be the main purpose for your visit.

Should you need to do so and is not in possession of a UK visa at the time you will need to apply for one.

You may apply for a Short-term Study Visa . You may be given a 6 months visa but will be expected to return to your country at the end of your course.

You can apply for the visa up t0 3 months before your date of intended travel to the UK and you should normally get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks. However this may vary based on the country you are applying from. For further information on this check the guide processing times at (

At present it costs £85 for a 6 months visa. Please note this is subject to change at any time by the UKBA.

To be eligible for this visa you must prove that you:

  • Have been offered a place on a course in the UK at an accepted place of study
  • Have enough money to support yourself without working or help from public funds, or that relatives and friends can support and house you.
  • Can pay for your return journey or onward journey

You will need to prove that your college is lited by an approved accreditation service e.g Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) for which LPCMC is a accredited.
Documents must be originals.

A current passport or other valid travel identification

One passport-sized colour photograph. See (

Evidence that you can support yourself during your trip, eg bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months

Details of where you intend to stay and your travel plans- you shouldn’t pay for the accommodation or travel until you get your visa

Your tuberculosis (TB) test results. See (

Documents about your course

  • Proof of the course you are studying, eg a letter of acceptance from an educational institution – on official headed paper, stating the course’s name, duration and cost (including accommodation).
  • You may need to provide evidence of your previous study, eg certificates, references or transcripts
  • Financial sponsor’s occupation, income, savings or funds that will support your studies. (If you are being sponsored by someone or your company)

What you cannot do when granted the visa:

  • Any kind of paid work
  • Extend this visa
  • Bring family members (‘dependents’) with you
  • Get public funds

For more detailed information please see Additional Information below and follow specified links.

Additional Information

There have been changes made to the arrangements for Student Visitor Visa (SVV). Primarily, the name has been changed to the Short Term Study (STS) visa but there has also been a change to the amount of times a student may be granted a STS visa.

Please see the following link which will take you to the UK Government’s website detailing further information on this;
with the guidance notes shown at;
paying particular attention to the Visitors Appendix 3 paragraph 25 – Incidental study.

Under the current UKVI regulation for the Short Term Study (STS) visa, the Short Term Study (Child) (STS(C)) visa, and for the Standard Visitor visa (SV)), which now includes candidate needing appropriate tuition providers for business studies, international students looking to study credit management can now enroll with the London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC).

LPCMC’s accreditation has further enabled partnerships with recognized universities, other higher institutions, and corporate organizations in credit industry to send their students and employees to UK for a period of 6 months to study credit management as part of their degree program or work related capacity building programme, and to gain some UK professional, corporate, and cultural exposures. Those students involved, which could be working class top, middle and supervisory level credit executives, credit analysts, credit officers, newly graduated university student in need of further higher studies, and undergraduate candidates, would not have any difficulties with gaining their STS visa.

Visitors may find and enrol in courses provided their chosen Institution has been accredited by one of the approved Home Office accreditation organisations. As an accredited institution therefore, the London Postgraduate Credit Management College considers this a significant boost to global enrolment for credit management professional study by career seekers from around the world.

The following link details the conditions

STS applicants can still attend full-time courses in any subject in areas such as health and social care, security, hospitality, health and safety, business studies (in which you find credit management) for up to six months and full-time courses in English for up to eleven months. Student must have a valid offer letter from an institution accredited by one of the approved Home Office accreditation organisations and acquire their visa before entering the UK.