Graduate Employability Programme Conference

(GEPC) – Time To Re-Bake

This conference is jointly organized by:

Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM), Nigeria
London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), United Kingdom
Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Nigeria

GEPC Conference Introduction:

Inspite of the presence of many higher institutions of learning in Nigeria with large number of graduate students churned out for the labour market, it is widely rated that almost 85% of Nigerian graduates are disappointedly un-employable. Yet, the quest by employers of labour to recruit “best graduate brains” to take on critical job roles remain unmet.

Certainly, it goes without saying that “head-knowledge” alone is evidently inadequate to guarantee delivery of job roles, employment and career advancement.

Some of the issues arising from Nigerian graduates not been able to quickly secure employment in the labour market immediately after their graduation includes:

    • Not getting right choice of courses
    • Lack of interest in life-long learning
    • Insufficient academic capacity
    • Insufficient academic capacity
    • Poor command of English
    • Poor character, attitude or personality
    • Asking for unrealistic salary benefits
    • Mismatch of skill
    • Choosy in job or company
    • No demonstrated ability to solve problems
    • Skill knowledge not indepth enough
    • No suitable opening available
    • Poor preparation for job interview
    • Little or no interest in job applied, and
    • Unemployed for too long

The Need

From developed to newly developed economies, and down to developing and large economy like Nigeria, it has been established that specialist/professional certifications greatly increase employability and career progression.

Corporate organizations in Nigeria now seek to hire, retain and promote individuals that have been tenaciously re-baked with specific trainings, certifications, skills and experience.

And as job market continue to change at a more rapid pace than ever, influenced by emerging industries and disruptive business models, it is forecasted that some 75% of Nigerian graduates today will likely work in roles that don’t currently exist. In particular, trade and business credit industry, financial credit industry, consumer credit industry, and public sector credit schemes for economic empowerment as labour market for each of these industries are in acute shortage of well trained, well baked Credit And Financial Analysis Specialists (CFAS), at junior and supervisory levels, and Certified Postgraduate Credit And Financial Analysts (CPCFA) at senior and managerial levels.

Therefore, the roles that PSCFM, LPCMC and ICA are playing here for Nigerian university graduates and parents of undergraduates is to enhance their employability in the labour market, build bolder industry partnerships and network for the supply of best brains in credit and financial analysis and credit management.

To help Nigerian families and individuals gain values for their investment in education, the PSCFM Nigeria, LPCMC UK and ICA Nigeria are inviting all Nigerian undergraduates (and if possible, with their parents), fresh and old university graduates who are either employed or unemployed, and persons who want a career shift to the highly lucrative credit management discipline to a one day Graduate Employability Programme Conference (GEPC) slated to hold in July 8, 2017 here in Lagos.

Partnership For Progress

The Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) is Nigeria`s affiliate of the London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK. Professional certification programme which bridges the gap between unemployability and employability is what PSCFM represents. This initiative leads to the award of job-enhanced professional qualifications in credit analysis, credit and financial modeling, and credit management designed to reshape, remodel and enhance the employability prospects of Nigerian University graduates who recently graduated, or has graduated a long time ago, or next in line for graduation from university.
The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) is a prestigious and nationally recognized professional body for credit management, representing ultimately the credit industry in Nigeria since 1992. The Institute is committed to capacity building, professional certification and award of qualifications in credit management, recognised by credit industry across the globe.

GEPC Conference Objectives

The objective of GEPC conference includes the following:

  • Employability

    To enhance employability of Nigerian graduates in labour market

  • Global Action Plan

    To un-fold global action plan that makes university graduate employable.

  • Assistance

    To assist individuals and families get out of slow-pace of employability in Nigeria.

  • Awareness

    To create early awareness for undergraduates, fresh and older university graduates, employers of labour, and business directors on the need for a genuine commitment to supporting concrete capacity building of labour workforce and institutionalization of programmes that connects well-baked university graduates to a robust employment in labour market.

GEPC Conference Details

Venue: Westwood Hotel, 22 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Time: 10am

Fee: Attendance is free.

July, 2017

Who Should Attend

This conference is open to all ambitious Nigerians, especially undergraduates (if possible, with their parents), new or fresh graduates, and old university graduates who are either employed or unemployed, and persons who want a career shift to credit management, as well as representatives of employers of labor.

Participants Will Benefit From:

  • Way out of the trap of “un-employability status and poor field of discipline.
  • Window of opportunity to join league of best selling careers around the world
  • Opportunity to enrol for a programme that offer studying in UK for six months as part of its students exchange initiative, to give student the international exposure and competitive edge in both national and international employment markets.

Registration for the Conference

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