Executive Assistant For Academic Affairs

At London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), UK


To be responsible for credit management academic program development and management.


  • First degree in related educational development and management
  • Second degree in curriculum development, measurement and management especially as it relates to international programme collaboration and student recruitment, and standardization.
  • Age – from 30 years and above
  • Copy of Copy of Copy of First degree in related educational development and management
  • Experience – 5years and above in similar position with recognized corporate.
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• Coordinates international student’s recruitment drive, program curricular changes, annual program assessment activities, student’s graduation program, and institutional reputation management.
• Maintains contact and liaise with all LPCMC’s global partners, ensures that LPCMC meets, satisfies and relate well with relevant tertiary education regulators in UK and foreign countries where LPCMC have local partners.
• Ensures that LPCMC carry out its operations within the prescribed quality standards of the accreditation institutions, and to prospect and secure new but relevant accreditation status.
• Acts as chief advocate for the program and presents a positive image of the program and our institution to both internal and external target markets.
• Meets regularly with the Institution’s President/CEO to communicate all activities within areas of responsibility.
• Must have a prolific writing skills; strong proposal and business letter writing ability without supervision.
• Must have innate and desperate drive with practical initiative that makes an institution to succeed sustainably.
• Excellent in persuasive, polite, exciting and friendly in communicating with existing and potential students, lecturers, partner institutions, among others.
• Must be able to conceive, develop, and institute powerful initiative aimed at capturing the mind of all people that matters in the knowledge industry for which our institution represents by organizing high profile related events.
• Serves as leader of self-directed work teams consisting of faculty members in program to accomplish the following:
• Leads the recruitment efforts for the program and coordinate with the President/CEO.
• Assures that promotional literature is current, accurate and available.
• Coordinates faculty review and selection of learning resources.
• Assists the President/CEO in completing necessary paperwork on the review of current curriculum and implementing collaborative proposal with other local and foreign tertiary institutions.
• Assists with the recruiting, orientation, mentoring and evaluation of faculty.
• Makes recommendations to the President/CEO for curriculum re-invention.
• Conducts curriculum and program evaluation on a continual basis using continuous process improvement techniques.
• Makes recommendations to the President/CEO regarding the goals, objectives, priorities and strategies used within the program.
• Leads all activities related to accreditation, collaboration and partnership with other relevant institutions locally and internationally.

• Leads in the development of both a long-range and short-range strategic plan for the program development and institutional growth.
• Identifies all program classes to be included in the schedule.
• Provides recommendations to the President/CEO relative to faculty loads and courses schedule.
• Ensures successful, well organized student graduation and convocation programs as at when due.
• Enlists support from program faculty and provides recommendations to the President/CEO.
• Coordinates marketing of program as needed (which includes oversight of website, brochure development, social media outreach to institutions and individuals about our specialist learning programs in credit management.
• Coordinates the development, administration, and scoring of comprehensive semester examinations, as applicable.
• Serving as the students spokesperson for our programs and representative of the program to the institution’s President/CEO.
• Submitting the program’s monthly performance report to the President/CEO.
• Scheduling program courses and assigning instructors to these courses in collaboration with the President/CEO.
• Monitoring student admission and course registrations and making appropriate adjustments in course schedules and instructor assignments in cooperation with the President/CEO.
• Ensuring the timely development, approval, offering and review of appropriate course;
• Overseeing program’s involvement with off-campus program, including study abroad and internships with local institutions.
• Making arrangements for and/or hosting lecturers and seeing that such arrangements and hosting are handled in an appropriate and professional manner;
• Serving as central figure available to address questions and concerns from enquiries, past and present students, faculty members, staff, parents and others with the expectation ofproviding explanations and resolving issues.
• Seeing that the program’s social relations and activities among faculty, students, and staff contribute toward the achievement of the academic objectives of the program, and our institution.
• Serving a critical role in the mediation of conflicts among constituencies in the program.
• Lecturers, Students and process Relationship Management
• Ensures that students carry out their coursework assignments
• Ensure that lecturers/students keep to their doctrine of relationship
• Ensures that feedbacks are secured between students, lecturers and institution as provided in the SOP.

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Chief Operating Officer,
London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC)

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