Nowhere in the world has national universities assumed the critical roles played by specialist/professional qualification provider-institutions,

and no human capital in any nation is successfully, sustainably, developed without professional qualifications provided by specialist institutions; so there are two actors whose learning programmes when successfully completed makes one a qualified professional person; – that’s the achievement of both academic and professional qualifications.

Unlike academic qualification that may be attained once, professional qualification is continuous, and more importantly, it is both industry and trends reflective. Professional qualification makes one never to stop learning, it makes one never to stop interfacing with his or her colleagues in the industry, and it makes one never to stop sharing ideas together with colleagues in executive work-and-learn classroom.
The primary objective of LPCMC therefore is to expand the knowledge and expertise of executive- level, middle-level and supervisory-level credit management professionals, as well as entry-level credit trainees; thus making LPCMC the pioneer leader and global reference certified professional credit certification destination. LPCMC entered this arena of specialist continuing professional executive qualification education 8 years ago. Today, LPCMC with its thousands of graduated students in the past 8 years continues its dedication to global credit management survival, global promotion and enhancement of credit management skills, knowledge and professionalism through its learning programmes.When people presume they have been into every relevant topic in seminars and conferences that has been offered in credit management, the question that LPCMC asks is whether such people have attained the plateau in their credit management career? Or don’t they need a further deepening of their mental challenge in credit management? The answer is: of course they do!

In this context, LPCMC offers its student the chance to be challenged, enables its student to cultivate valued contacts and gain competitive edge professionally; an avenue for its student to collaborate on professional projects and sharing of experiences; clearly at LPCMC, student is prepared to stand apart from the crowd as he/she has been taught to think beyond what he/she does in his/her position as not only credit professional, but also credit manager.

Kudos to Our International Partner (PSCFM)

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), UK, undoubtedly retains global recognition for providing comprehensive range of specialist credit qualification opportunities in credit management granted affiliation to the Nigerian Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) for the combined running of professional skills development programmes in credit management in Nigeria and award qualifications thereof. PSCFM is the officially appointed credit management accredited learning centre of Nigeria’s only national body for credit management…The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) which was established in 1992, has rapidly grown to become the third best and largest credit management Institute after USA and UK.

The Prestigious Vision of LPCMC:

Looking ahead, we see the vision that a visitor to the LPCMC Campus should be impressed first by the whole atmosphere of itself, an atmosphere in which the most boisterous extrovert can become a contemplative scholar. In short, LPCMC learning compound is envisioned to be the “knowledge heaven” for employers of credit management employees across the world


LPCMC Marketing Strategy:

Our Marketing Strategy is global in focus so as to catch the attention of all its target audience in every country of the world. Strong resources has been committed to this in order to entrench LPCMC as truly a global postgraduate credit management college for the world’s credit professionals, their employers and all those who may be influenced to switch their career to credit management.


LPCMC Like Partnership:

We value partnership. LPCMC will continue to enter into partnership programme agreement on a continuous basis with any credible national or international higher learning institution that allow LPCMC product to get further advantage by the transfer of credits for the award of specialist degree in credit management, based on the combined curriculum of the two partners. This will depend on if students ask for this.

LPCMC Classroom Technique

An LPCMC student, particularly if he or she has teaching experience, will be impressed by the way in which LPCMC classes are conducted. The instructor tosses out the ball which is caught by a young man in the far corner who tosses it to an elderly gentleman on the front row, who then passes it across the room to another young man, and so on until it is finally thrown back to the instructor. By the time the question has been bandied about in this manner, the problem has reduced itself to essentials and the answer has been found.

In order words, when the instructor asks a question he expects an answer based on the listener’s experience, or at least a reasonable conjecture based on that experience. When you are dealing with the immature (of all ages) you can expect an answer based only on what was heard or read in a textbook last week or last month or last year. The immature student has no experience to draw on. He has to be led. LPCMC students are steered. That is one reason why LPCMC rightly claims to be a postgraduate college and why experience is so strongly emphasized when applications are passed on. LPCMC’s present programmes and its manner of delivery assures credit industry that their employees attending LPCMC programme are receiving teachings that reflect credit industry conditions both present and future. As LPCMC monitors global development in credit management professional learning landscapes, there is no one yet like LPCMC.