Certified Credit professional

You may have been working in the past couple of years as head of or officer/executive in the credit department of your present or past workplace and have worked so tenaciously to pass through the rigor of obtaining recognized professional qualification in credit management as an attestation of your knowledge and skills in the profession. But deep in your mind you are nonetheless continually concerned about your primary academic background which is completely unrelated to the work of credit management you are currently doing.

Assuming you are already a degree holder in a field not related to social sciences but hold credible professional qualification in credit management and has been working with these qualifications, why not take step now to balance your career comfort and fulfillment by enrolling for B.A or M.A degree in credit management with the LPCMC to become a certified credit professional. This will make you a truly CREDIT PROFESSIONAL.

You can do a Bachelor of Arts degree or Master of Arts degree in credit management through a work and learn collaborative programme offered by the LPCMC. The programme is good with lots of delivery flexibilities that meet the needs of a typical work and learn student.For more enquiry, please email us today: