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LPCMC’s certified credit analyst and management courses are accredited by a consortium of credibly recognized international universities and institutes, reflecting our worldwide acceptance as credit management professional education providers whose mission is to produce well trained, well informed and highly qualified credit professionals for the world’s credit industry.

Join us today and within eighteen or twenty four months, find yourself in a cut above the rest differentiating you from the pack. It does not matter whether you are an undergraduate, a recent graduate wishing to develop a career in credit management or you have on the job experience but looking to professionalize in credit management. There is a place for you and we look forward to welcoming you to LPCMC world class qualifications in credit management….the world’s first exclusive institution in this field.
Because of the worldwide popularity and industry acceptance of credit management in all its ramification, which is partly due to the fallout of the on-going state of affairs of the world economy, LPCMC is set in its current global students recruitment campaign to offer admission to more than 100,000 students.

Credit management is a unique course not offered as a faculty by many universities in the UK and elsewhere, LPCMC will provide the necessary assistance within the ambit of such regulations to enable you pursue your dream career in credit management. With collaboration initiative, LPCMC is able to fulfill the dream of any credit professional who is looking to earn specialist degree in credit management from university, in addition to professional qualification.

Whether you are presently living in the UK or you intend to further your education through a distance learning programme, the London Postgraduate Credit Management College is an excellent place for you to acquire specialist skills and knowledge in the art and science of credit management.

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