Admission Requirements

Certified Postgraduate Credit Supervisor (CPCS)

Six main categories of candidates are considered for admission to this programme

  1. Candidates who have GCE A/VCE LEVEL POINTS SCORE OF AT LEAST 40, e.g 1 GCE A/VCE A level or 2 GCE AS/VCE AS levels will be considered for admission to CPCS.
  2. High School Certificate (HSCE): Passes in English, Mathematics, and either Integrated Science or Social Studies and three elective subjects, with an aggregate score of 24 or better.
  3. General Certificate of Education: Passes, at least, at credit level in 5 subjects (including English Language and Mathematics) in the GCE Ordinary Level and 3 passes at the Advanced Level of the GCE. One of the Advanced Level passes must be grade ‘D’ or better.
  4. Mature Student’s entry requirements (MSER): Candidates must not be les than 25 years old. Candidates may be required to pass a mature students’ entrance examination conducted by LPCMC organized for candidates who need it, before the examination is conducted.
  5. Professional Qualification:
    Candidates with 5 GCE ‘O’ level Credit passes or 6 HSCE passes including English and Mathematics plus any of the following qualifications may be admitted to CPCS
    a. Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) from an accredited institution.
    b. Foundation and Intermediate levels of professional certificates.
    c. RSA Stage I (3 passes) and Stage 2 (3 passes).
  6. Foreign Students:
    Foreign Students may be considered for admission if they hold qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above. However, they must show evidence of proficiency in English.
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Certified Postgraduate Credit Manager (CPCM)

Candidate must be a graduate or have passed professional qualification considered to be degree equivalent such as:

  1. intermediate or final examinations of comparable professional bodies or
  2. has held, or is holding a working position in Credit Management, and has held such position for at least one to two years or
  3. has successfully followed a recognised course of study in a related field, such as Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, accounting, Banking, Marketing or Management.
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Certified Postgraduate Credit Examiner (CPCE)

  1. Candidates must be a holder of at least BA/B.Sc degree or equivalent professional qualification.
  2. We expect prospective students to come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experience to the programme. Applicants with significant credit work experience will be admitted. Also, mature and academically qualified candidate desiring to shift career to credit management will be considered.
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